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Traveling with a child is one of the best moments in life because you get to spend time with someone very precious to you. You get to see their eyes widen at new sights, curious about anything and everything he/she lays his/her eyes on. You also get to create memories and fill up your child’s photo album while you are traveling. It is all about the experiences and memories that you share with your kids.

However, traveling is no walk in the park when you have your child tag along. There will be many instances where you wish you left your child in the care of their grandparents. You won’t be as free to explore new places as you would like to be. You will encounter a lot of situations where you cancel events and trips because of your child’s needs. One of them would be the bed that your child will sleep on at night.

One should not underestimate the ability to carry a portable mattress for their child. Foreign beds will leave your child restless and unable to sleep. In turn, you won’t get any sleep at all either. Which is why you should invest in one of the best travel air mattresses for your child.

The Shrunks Travel Air Mattresses

The Shrunks have a variety of travel air mattresses that are made of quality material that will ensure that your child gets the sleep he or she deserves after a long day of traveling. Here are a few products of The Shrunks that you can choose from.

Outdoor Tuckaire – Toddler Travel Bed + Bundle

What’s great about this product is that it comes in a bundle which includes all the necessary gear for your toddler. In this outdoor Tuckaire travel bundle, it includes a sleeping bag with a dimension of 57 X 24 inches. It has a sleeping area of about 57 X 24 inches and it includes a bed protector as well. A special feature that this product has is the bellows pump which gives a thirty (30) second timer for inflation. It weighs about three (3) kilos which is great for traveling because it is not too heavy. This product is specifically for toddlers who are at the age of two and above and it costs around $139.99. It is a pretty good deal for a bundle.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed – Portable Inflatable Air Mattress

If you prefer not to get the bundle, you can always get the mattress on its own starting at the price of $69 on online stores. One of the special features that this product has is the security rail in all corners of the mattress. This prevents your child from falling or sliding off the mattress, especially if he or she moves around a lot during sleep. It also has thirty (30) second inflation time and a carry bag for transport convenience.

What makes this product different from other air mattresses is that it comes with a Jetaire Electric Pump that gives a lot of power for quick inflation. It also has the sheet-tuck feature, making sheets that are in the standard size for cribs fit easily and perfectly. It is BpA safe, Lead safe as well as Phthalate safe which gives it more credibility and assurance that your child will be safe and secure.

Whichever you decide on purchasing, The Shrunks have quality products that will give your child the best possible mattress to sleep on at night. These air mattresses by The Shrunks are specifically for toddlers and kids because they are designed to be as safe as they can be. They are cozy and easy to transport, which makes it the ideal bed to travel with.

If you ever have any concerns regarding the product after purchasing it, they offer a two-year warranty to make sure that you get properly compensated if there are problems and concerns regarding the product. After all that, you probably have a clear idea of what kind of air mattress to choose. With The Shrunks, you will be assured that your child will be able to sleep soundly and safely on the best travel air mattress in the market.

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