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When it comes to describing the Goldhik Car Mobile Cushion Air Mattress, it is simply easy to transport, store and carry as well as a fast inflation and deflation air mattress. This high-quality, comfortable and soft air mattress is generally applicable to all cars and can be a good companion when in outdoor camping, hiking or in a long trip with children, parents, friends, lovers and pets.

The Goldhik Car Mobile Cushion Air Mattress is perfectly designed for a comfortable sleeping space in the back seat of the car. With it, one can enjoy a decent sleep in the vehicle, courtesy of its ultra strong polymerized PBVC, non-toxic wear resistance, low temperature resistance and international first-class stitched process. The Goldhik car air mattress package comes with the mattress, an inflatable pump, pillow and a handbag.

Considered by any reviewers as among the best inflatable car air mattresses out there, the one by Goldhik is applicable to over 95 percent of vehicles and ensures a perfect match of bed space and body. It can be a traveler’s best friend and a durable companion that makes it possible for family members to sleep on a road trip or when going on a picnic or camping.

Mattress Usage

One can get a lot of advantages with inflatable car or mobile mattresses. Consider the following:

  1. They give the convenience of sleeping while in the car, traveling or after some partying. To use them, one just needs to inflate the air mattress to create a flat bed in the car’s back seat. They give the user a good sleep, and one would wake up without having soreness in the joints or neck pains.
  1. Those traveling with family members who have back issues and cannot sit for long hours can lie down on the air mattress instead of spending some hours in a hotel. This can save them a lot of time and money.
  1. If one is drunk and cannot or would not like to use Uber or taxi, he can just sleep in the car until he becomes sober.
  1. Some people go on a holiday trip but instead of staying in hotels or apartments, they opt to be more adventurous and spend the night staying in their own vehicles. To make this adventure more enjoyable, they need a good inflatable car mattress. They can stay warm in their car and enjoy the beauty of the night. All needed in the journey is the car mattress and an inflatable pump.


Since the Goldhik air mattress is inflatable, it is easy to carry around. When on standby, it does not take much space in the car. It is particularly easy to deflate, inflate, transport and store. It gives one a comfortable sleeping space at the car’s back seat when traveling. After using the air mattress, it can be deflated until the next time they will be needed.

Ultra strong polymerized PVC makes the Goldhik car air mattress durable and long lasting if well- maintained. The stitching is also properly done. For the air mattress to last, it should be kept away from cigarettes and sharp objects.

Those who have purchased the car cushion air mattress by Goldhik are happy to find it fit with their vehicles and for seeing their teens and kids held up nicely by the bed. Some noted that after deflation, they are not able to fit back the air mattress into its carry case though it is not a big issue for them because they are happy with the product as it nicely gives those who use it a good sleep.


It must be noted that the Goldhik car mobile cushion air mattress should:

  1. Not be exposed to any sharp object or mattress
  2. Make sure its nozzle is tight during inflation
  3. Use temperature between -18°C to 50°C
  4. Not be used in water or as a survival equipment


  • Portable or easy to carry around
  • Does not take so much space in the car
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Fits nicely into the vehicle
  • Gives the user good sleep
  • Can hold two kids up nicely


  • Sometimes cannot fit into the carry case after use
  • Some customers reported that their mobile air mattress have a hole in it


With a good price and features, the Goldhik air mattress’ versatility usually satisfies the needs of travelers. They can keep the air mattress for other uses as well like when on a camping trip.

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